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The Masterprof Conference TEACHERS FOR THE KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY aims at:

  • fostering the exchange of ideas among people from different research fields and traditions,
  • promoting openness to new approaches to conducting research in the area of teacher training,
  • improving teacher education programs,
  • valuing views that may contribute to breaking new ground in the pursuit of better understanding of learning and teaching, in schools and beyond.

All contributors whose abstracts have been accepted by the Scientific Committee are to submit a full paper of a maximum of five pages, following the Elsevier publishing guidelines, by 30th of November.

All full papers will be double-blind reviewed by the reviewers selected by the Scientific Committee. Two types of papers are suitable for presentation:

  • Reports of empirical studies
  • Theoretical/philosophical essays.

Criteria for acceptance of a paper for presentation:

  • Empirical papers should contain at least the following: a statement of the focus of the paper, an indication of the theoretical framework for the study, an indication of and justification for the methodology used, and some sample data and results.
  • Theoretical/philosophical papers should contain at least the following: a statement of the focus or theme of the paper, an indication of the theoretical or philosophical framework within which the focus or theme of the paper is developed, a clearly articulated statement of the author’s position about the focus or theme, and implications.

Copies of the review forms that are sent to reviewers can be seen here:

The review process will proceed as follows:

Each paper is assigned to two reviewers who have been identified as being competent to review papers in the category to which the paper has been assigned. Papers are sent to the reviewers for their feedback and recommendations. Once reviews have been returned, the Scientific Committee meets to make the final decision about the acceptability of each paper. The most innovative papers are to be published in the Elsevier Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. The rest of the accepted papers are to be published in the Journal of Educational Sciences and Psychology of PG University of Ploiesti.

Reviewers are expected:

  • To provide a scholarly appraisal of each paper, but to agree not to limit acceptance to those papers that are in line with the research paradigms or ideologies they believe in.
  • To make a statement of acceptance or rejection for each paper.
  • For each paper, to state specific reasons for their recommendation of acceptance or rejection that are informative to both the Scientific Committee and the authors.

Reviewers should be alert to the possibility that the paper was presented elsewhere.

Reviewers should be respectful and clear in their reviews of all proposals. When a review indicates rejection, it is especially important to phrase the comments in a polite and supportive manner. Authors need to be provided with constructive comments, particularly about the shortcomings of their proposals.